Leading manufacturer of high quality laminates for shielding, wrapping and protecting

Effegidi International was founded in 1973 with the aim of creating flexible and dynamic structures in the wire processing market.

In the beginning, the core business was the production of insulating materials for the insolating of electrical cables. In the course of the company's activity, two more business areas were formed: flexible packaging for food and raw material for wine capsules.

Due to the extensive knowledge in these areas, the research and development department could be built up step by step. In this way, new solutions for innovative plastic and metal foil constructions as well as for more efficient bonding techniques could be found. Examples include: broken laser strips, sealing edges, foil-free insulation for electrical cables and PET closures for the food industry.

In the meantime, Effegidi International has become a globally active and leading company in the field of painting and multi-layer lamination of coating tapes for electro-instrumental cables, developed with the latest innovative technology.


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