LIPP Mischtechnik GmbH

Innovative Solutions due to Mechanical and Thermal Process Engineering

LIPP Mischtechnik GmbH supplies machines, plants and services due to mechanical and thermal process engineering for mixing, reaction, drying and grinding. The focus is on applications requiring high shear, e.g. agglomerate-free wetting of powders with liquids or the conching of chocolate.
The range of products includes horizontal paddle mixers, inline homogenizers with the focus on shear force as well as high efficiency ball mills. The machines are manufactured in all common materials and are available in sizes from laboratory-scale to high production scale.
At the headquarters in Mannheim a modern and well-equipped testing center is located. Here, it is possible to carry out tests using original material and to test different parameters of particular procedures.
In recent years another field of activity – the process development – has come along and will be followed up on consequently.



LIPP Mischtechnik
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68309 Mannheim (Käfertal)

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